CLASS REMINDER: You will receive an automated confirmation email 48 hours before your class, which lists the name, dates, times, location and duration. If you don’t see it, search your spam folder for an email from, or log in to your account and view your Dashboard. 

ALERT TEACHER OR AFTERSCHOOL: Please remind your student when they have an ACE class. Elementary families: Send a note to your child’s teacher reminding them that your student will be attending an ACE class that day (this is especially important if they normally take the bus!). Please be specific about the class name. If your child attends the after-school program, please let their staff know (does not apply to Dallin). 

GETTING TO CLASS: ACE Kids staff will gather the children, take attendance and escort them to the classroom. If your child attends After School, we will coordinate with their staff to collect and dismiss kids between our two programs. Gibbs and OMS: Class location will be included in your class reminder email.

ARRIVING FROM ANOTHER SCHOOL: If you are traveling from another school, please wait OUTSIDE the front entrance of the school and ACE staff will collect your child at approximately 2:40. If you are later than 2:45, please call or text 781-369-5515 and someone will meet you at the entrance. 

SESSION 2 CLASSES: For session 2 Nathan’s Ninjas at Stratton, drop off and pickup are OUTSIDE the gym doors and staff will meet you at 3:45. Please escort your student, they cannot meet you in your car unless marked as “walk unaccompanied” in the registration form. Unless enrolled in APTG, students are not allowed to remain inside the school building before the session begins. No parents are allowed in the building.

DISMISSAL: If you or a designated adult are picking your child up, please wait OUTSIDE THE FRONT ENTRANCE (except at Peirce where students will be dismissed out the BACK DOOR by the playground). Students will be brought to you after class. PLEASE DO NOT try and buzz in through the after-school program; they are not allowed to let people into the building for safety. Please make note of the duration of your child’s class. They vary in length between 60, 75, or 90 minutes.

If you marked your student as “Walk Unaccompanied” they will be dismissed after class without an adult. Please be sure to relay that plan with your child.

If you are picking your child up, please be prompt. If you are delayed, after a 5-minute grace period you will be charged a late fee of $1/minute.

ABSENCES: If your child attended the regular school day but will be late or absent from our class, please email us at before noon. If they are absent from school, they will be marked absent from our program. 

MEDICAL/SPECIAL NEEDS: The instructor will be aware of any medical issues and special needs that you included on your online registration, but there will not be a nurse on the premises.

COVID PROTOCOLS: ACE follows all current APS health and safety protocols. Masks are optional. ACE requires vaccination of all its instructors and staff. Parents are not allowed inside the building for ACE Kids classes.