About TeenZone

TeenZone Registration

All youth registrations must be made online. Please update your child’s grade, school, plus any medical/special considerations. We want every student to have a positive learning experience so please make sure your child shows an interest in a class before enrolling.

Dropoff & Dismissal

We will email room location a few days before class begins. Students are responsible for making their own way to class and will be dismissed without an adult. If you would like to make other arrangements, please contact our office.

Special Considerations

TeenZone is an equal access program. We do not discriminate against children with disabilities. We encourage parents to disclose any medical or disability-related needs on your child’s registration form. There is no nurse on duty during TeenZone and our staff are not permitted to administer medication. If you believe your child requires a specific reasonable accommodation for medical or disability-related needs, please contact our office to discuss your child’s needs. Please note that TeenZone is not a school-sponsored special education program, so children are not entitled to the same IEP services and accommodations during programming.

Behavior Policy

Students should be able to participate in group activities with teacher supervision and treat fellow students, staff, and classroom space with respect. If a child is unable to do so, we will contact parents immediately to discuss the appropriate next steps.

Tuition Assistance

Partial tuition assistance is available for students who receive free or reduced lunch. Please ask Food Services to email your free lunch form to CommunityEd@arlington.k12.ma.us and then call our office before registering.

Withdrawals & Refunds

Full refunds are given when a class is canceled due to low enrollment. Students withdrawing from a class at least five full business days before the start date will receive an ACE credit toward another class, minus $15 fee. No other refunds will be granted.

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