ACE has compiled a list of no-cost resources being provided by our instructors to keep students engaged and learning during this extended time at home. Please click on the tabs below to see the options for youth and adults.


Cooking with Sam Loos

Cooking with Katie Walters

Try out this delicious recipe:

Cilantro Lime Spritzer recipe and video

Cooking with Roberta Hing

Bridge with Elizabeth Gompel

BollyX - The Bollywood Workout with Randeep Kaur

Randeep is sharing details for FREE weekly live-streamed Bollywood-inspired dance classes being hosted by various instructors in the BollyX Community.

Follow for additional classes or email

FREE Weekly Schedule Instructions: Go to and type the meeting ID below up to 15 minutes before the class time listed below.

Tuesdays at 5:30pm EST (30 minute BollyX Class)
Zoom Meeting ID: 891-148-124
Work those arms & legs

Thursdays at 6:45 pm EST (45 minute BollyX Class)
Zoom Meeting ID: 845-305-208
Leave it on the dance floor

Fridays at 12:15pm EST (60 minute BollyX Class)
Zoom Meeting ID: 884-555-156

Poetry with Arlington Poet Laureate Steven Ratiner

The Red Letter Poems Project — Enjoy a new poem each week authored by a different poet by sending an email to with the subject line “mailing list.”

Ukulele with Anne Ku

Writing with Alissa Butterworth

The Home Writer’s Retreat — A daily (or almost daily) email newsletter with writing prompts, ideas and suggestions for writers and creators to focus on their art. Subscribe on Alissa’s website

Tai Chi with Zhantao Lin

Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan 88 Move Hand Form with Zhantao Lin:

Part 1 (First 16 moves- 3:35 mins)

Part 2 (16-49 moves- 7:48 mins)

Part 3 (50-88 moves- 11:34 mins)

Here is the Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan 88 Move Hand Form with Zhantao Lin
Front View:
Full 88 Form runs 22:57 mins
Part 1 ends at 3:33 mins
Part 2 runs from 3:33 to 11:22 mins
Part 3 runs from 11:22 to 22:57 mins.

Here is the Back View:
Full 88 Form runs 21:12 mins
Part 1 ends 3:32
Part 2 goes from 3:32 to11:14 mins
part 3 goes from 11:14 to 21:12

Helpful Hint:

You can slow down the speed by clicking on the wheel (“Settings”) on the bottom right, then choose the speed that’s best for you.


Art activities from Kayla McKenna

Language classes with Rola

Free Streaming Language Classes — Rola Languages of Cambridge is offering free Facebook Live language sessions daily on their Facebook page. Follow them at:

Classes are designed for both adults and children of all ages and levels.

Monday – Friday
10 am – Community Spanish
11 am – Children’s Spanish

Nathan’s Ninjas

Ninja Notes — Fun drills for ninjas from Nathan’s Ninjas on Youtube (Rising Storm Training Academy)

Nature education with Mass Audubon

Check out Mass Audubon’s newly-launched Explore Nature at Home section to find:

  • Videos from their team of naturalists and educators like “Bird of the Day” and “Nature in Your Neighborhood” from cities and towns across Massachusetts.
  • Activities to download for the entire family such as nature bingo, coloring sheets, and a scavenger hunt.
  • Ways to engage in citizen science by recording wildlife observations.
  • Actions you can take to protect the planet.
  • . . . and more!

More content will be added in the days and weeks ahead.

Parkour with Parkour Generations

Running Clubs

Suggested Training Plan:
1. Warm-up!
Try this Nike Run Club Warm-Up, or find others that work for you.

2. RUN (or walk, to get into the swing of it)!
Try this 10-Week Training Plan from Girls on the Run. (This plan is not only for girls. It’s just put out by an organization that works specifically with girls.) Check the guidelines at the top right of each page to find the plan that’s best for you.

3. Circuit Training (work up to 2x/week)!
Get some ideas here. Lunges, squats, push-ups, burpees, and more! Choose 4 or 5 exercises and do 8-10 reps of each, then repeat the circuit 2 or 3 times. Mix it up!

4. Stretch!
Check out this video from the Run Experience and this Runner’s World article.

Science projects from Wicked Cool for Kids

STEM activities from Einstein’s Workshop

Virtual Learning Page with live Lego socials, tutorials and more